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Bring the European Experience to New Zealand

At Bohemein Fresh Chocolates, our aim is to bring the high standard of European Chocolate craftsmanship and quality to New Zealand taste buds. We want you to experience the same feeling as if you had just strolled off the boulevards of Brussels, Paris or Prague. We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients. We craft these ingredients with passion and skill, and deliver chocolates that we think rival any in the world.

George and the Team of Chocolatiers

bohemein-20george-20havlik-20profile-2009-250-1-.jpgIt all started when Head Chocolatier, Jiri (George) Havlik, fell in love with chocolate when he was only 12 years-old. His passion grew as he worked as a Pastry Chef in his homeland in the Czech Republic. Once in New Zealand, he fulfilled a lifelong dream, opening Bohemein Fresh Chocolates in Wellington in 2005. George, along with his personally-selected-team, brings his vision of high-quality chocolates to life at their NEW Miramar workshop. Everything is made with fresh, all natural ingredients. At Bohemein, we craft chocolates like a jeweller crafts gold. Every chocolate is a little piece of perfection.


Taste the Difference

Many people ask us why our chocolates taste better than the rest. It's a combination of many things, but most importantly:

  • We have the passion, technique and knowledge to take already fantastic, fresh ingredients and showcase them in our high quality couverture (chocolate).
  • As far as we know, we are the only chocolate company in New Zealand that doesn't use any artificial flavours or preservatives.

When you taste strawberries in our chocolates, you’re tasting real fresh strawberries. When you taste hazelnuts, they are real hazelnuts.

Because Bohemein Fresh Chocolates are free of artificial preservatives, they have a shorter than usual shelf-life. Our chocolates will keep for up to 4 weeks. Compare this with other companies' shelf-life of months...or longer. But we encourage you to eat them as soon as you possibly can!

When you taste Bohemein Fresh Chocolates - all you taste is fresh chocolates – nothing else.
Fresh is Best - Taste the Difference!